Consular Online Appointment Ticket System

Before you book a consular appointment, please make sure to read the terms and conditions for using the online appointment system and how it is intended to facilitate the delivery of consular services to our constituents and stakeholders here on Guam.

Terms and Conditions*

  1. The Consular Online Appointment Ticket System (COATS) of the Philippine Consulate General in Agana aims to facilitate the scheduling of consular services on specific dates and times.
  2. Due to the continuing threat of COVID-19, a confirmed consular appointment booked online is required for anyone who wishes to apply for or avail of any consular service in person at the Philippine Consulate General in Agana, including the claiming of a new ePassport or other consular documents.
  3. Since the health and safety situation on the island remains fluid and evolving, the system limits to 14 the number of days that a client can book an appointment in advance.
  4. We continue to experience high demand for consular services, and coupled with our limited operational hours to maintain appropriate health and safety measures, appointment slots are all taken quickly.
  5. If no slots are available, even after scrolling through the 14-day visible calendar, this means that all time slots for the specific consular service you need may have already been fully booked.
  6. To improve your chances of getting an appointment ticket, it is best to check either shortly after midnight or early in the morning so that you can catch the new slots that the system automatically makes available as the date changes.
  7. May we remind you to be sure of the date and time selected, and the appropriate consular service that you need, before you confirm the appointment.
  8. Do not attempt to double-book (multiple dates and times for the same service) or purposely select a different consular service than what you actually require as these may serve as grounds to bar or suspend future access to the booking platform.
  9. Individual family members have to book separate appointment tickets according to the consular service that each one requires.
  10. If you are unable to show up for a confirmed appointment, you can reschedule the appointment at least one day before. Otherwise, you will be declared a no-show and you will have to book another appointment.
  11. To book an online appointment ticket, you may click on the image above or click on the address below:
  13. Print or save an image of your confirmation or reminder email as proof of your appointment schedule to present at the Consular Section  when requested.
  14. The Consulate General may reschedule an appointment a few minutes earlier or later to improve efficiency and ensure proper social distancing.
  15. After you book an online appointment, make sure to complete this Health Declaration Form no more than two days before your scheduled consular transaction.
  16. Only minors, persons with disabilities, and elderly are allowed to have one companion inside the Consular Section.
  17. Please show up for your appointment on time and not earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
  18. Make sure you have the required photocopies for the documents you need to submit as there is no copy service on-site.
  19. The Consulate General reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

*These terms and conditions may be subject to revision and requires no prior notice. We recommend that users fully read these terms and conditions every time they use the Consular Online Appointment Ticket System.