Passport Application Types

Renewal of ePassport

ePassport Logo
ePassport Logo

If your passport was issued after August 2009, typically with the universal logo shown on the left stamped on the cover, then you have an ePassport.

As long as you are still in possession of the ePassport that was issued to you and it is still in good physical condition, i.e., you have not lost it and it has not been mutilated or damaged in any way, click here.

Replacement of Lost or Mutilated Passport

If you have lost your passport, i.e., you no longer have the physical document in your possession, then you will be treated as if you were a first-time applicant and will have to submit the documents required of all first-time applicants.

The same is true if you have mutilated or damaged your own passport (e.g. it got wet, torn, defaced, burned, etc.) in any way and in such manner that the data page is no longer readable or the biometric data has been likely corrupted. If you fall under either case stated above, then click here.

First-Time (Adult) Applicant or Dual Citizen Applicant

If you were born abroad and have never applied for a Philippine passport before because you only realized recently that you are entitled to one, then click here.

If you were a natural-born Filipino, who became a naturalized citizen of a foreign country, and you have since been recognized as a dual citizen under the Dual Citizenship Law of the Philippines (R.A. 9225), then click here.

Minor Applicant

Minor passport applicants are required to submit documents as first-time applicants every time they get a new passport until they are 18 years old. If you are applying for or as a minor, then click here.

Change in Personal Data

Applying for a passport to change any of the personal details already indicated on an existing passport is always a complicated process. As one of the more globally accepted forms of identification, the personal data that identify who you are have to be stringently verified and validated. If you wish to change any personal data on your passport, then click here.

Travel Documents

In the event that an individual has lost, or is not in possession of a Philippine passport, a travel document may be issued to enable that person to travel back to the Philippines. A travel document is generally only used for single-use, one-way, emergency international travel and has a limited validity of one month. To apply for a travel document, click here.