Consulate General of the Philippines


+1(671) 646.4620 or 646.4630


+1(671) 649.1868



Consul General Marciano R. De Borja

Telephone: +1(671) 585.5500

Consul Mark Francis C. Hamoy

Consul Alex O. Vallespin

Consular Section

Annabelle M. Oviedo-Lavarez | Civil Registration & Legalization

Jermyn Julius R. Checa | Passports & Travel Documents

Philip C. Tabula | Dual Citizenship

Juliet S. Simbul | Visa Issuance

Economic and Cultural Diplomacy Section

Rosemarie S. Ramos-Blaser | Economic and Cultural Officer

Public Diplomacy and Community Affairs Section

Rowena D. Pecson | Secretary to the Consul General

Fritz Gerald A. Fernandez | Information & Protocol Officer

Rosemarie S. Ramos-Blaser | Public Diplomacy

Political and Assistance to Nationals Section

Ruby A. Fernandez | Political Assistant

Juliet S. Simbul | Assistance-to-Nationals (ATN) Officer

Philip C. Tabula | Assistance-to-Nationals (ATN) Officer

Administrative Section

Helen T. Guevarra | Adminstrative Officer

Shirley T. Florendo | Finance Officer

Ellen P. Morco | Collecting Officer

Fritz Gerald A. Fernandez | Communications Officer

Emmanuel M. Vicencio | Property Officer

Ferdinand E. Villamor | Records Officer & VRM Operator

Wilfredo V. Pruto | Official Driver & General Utility