ADVISORY: Additional Guidance for PHL Dual Citizens Intending to Travel to the Philippines Under Current COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions


The Philippine Consulate General in Agana (Guam) reminds the general public that under current travel restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19 and continuing efforts to control the spread of infections, it is highly recommended that PHL dual citizens must have a VALID PHILIPPINE ePASSPORT before traveling to the Philippines to avoid delays or inconvenience at ports of entry.

Dual citizens are former natural-born Filipinos who have become naturalized as citizens of a foreign country, and who have subsequently completed the process for reacquiring and retaining Philippine citizenship prescribed under Republic Act 9225, otherwise known as the PHL Dual Citizenship Law.

PHL dual citizens who arrive in the Philippines under the present regime of COVID-19 travel restrictions may be admitted by the Bureau of Immigration and allowed to enter the country provided they are able to present, in lieu of a valid Philippine ePassport, the following proofs of their dual citizenship status duly signed by the authorized administering officer:

  • Identification Certificate (IC);
  • Order of Approval;
  • Oath of Allegiance

The foregoing acceptable evidence of PHL dual citizenship status may either be in the form of the original documents or a certified true copy of those documents.

As the Philippine authority responsible for border control and security, it remains the prerogative of the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines to demand additional requirements or even exclude arriving passengers who are unable to satisfy required documentation at any port of entry.

Any inconvenience or unexpected additional expenses as a result of disrupted travel arrangements is the personal responsibility and risk of the traveler.